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Muslim Prayer Postures Found in the Bible

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 21:50

Prayer holds a very important place in Islam.

It is the second pillar of faith and the act of ritual prayer is performed five times every day.

There is great power entrenched in the postures of prayer not the least of which is that it establishes and reinforces our connection to God.

This is a connection that God Himself established when he created human beings. Our ancestor Adam was responsible for teaching his family how to worship God in the correct way which included praying.

All the Prophets and messengers God sent to the nations on earth spread the same message:

O my people, worship God, you have no other God but Him. (Quran 11:50)

They all spoke words of wisdom, guiding the people and reminding them that God is One, alone, without partners, sons or daughters. Most of the Prophets mentioned in the Quran are recognizable to people of the Christian and Jewish faiths and they all prayed in much the same way that Muslims pray today.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the final Prophet and that his mission and message was slightly different to the message of all the Prophets before him.

While each Prophet was sent specifically to guide his own nation, Prophet Muhammad was sent to guide all of humankind. He said:

“Every prophet was sent to his nation exclusively, but I was sent to all mankind.” (Al-Bukhari, 335)

Once we understand the connection between all the Prophets of God it is not surprising to learn that they all prayed in basically the same way. What is surprising however is that even though there are descriptions of prayer in the Bible, Christians and Jews no longer pray the way their own Prophets prayed.

The remainder of this article will examine passages from various books of the Bible and compare them to the way Muslims pray.

The most recognizable posture in the Muslim prayer is touching the forehead to the ground. It is the apex of a person’s prayer and it is mentioned in the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad as the position in which a believer is as close to God as it is possible to be.

Consider the following verses from the Bible.

“And he (Jesus) went a little further, and  FELL ON HIS FACE, and prayed…” (Matthew 26:39)

“And Joshua FELL ON HIS FACE to the earth, and did worship…” (Joshua 5:14)

“And Moses and Aaron went from the presence of the assembly unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and they FELL UPON HIS FACE…” (Numbers 20:6)

“And Abraham FELL ON HIS FACE…” (Genesis 17:3)

“…and they FELL ON THEIR FACE before the throne and worshiped God.” (Revelation 7:11)

“…then they bowed their heads and WORSHIPED THE LORD WITH THEIR FACES TO THE GROUND.” (Nehemiah 8:6)

“…Then David and the elders of Israel, who were clothed in sackcloth, FELL ON THEIR FACE.” (1 Chronicles 21:16)

In many other places in the Bible where we find the method of prayer mentioned, it calls to mind the way Muslims pray. In the Bible book entitled Daniel we are able to read a description of Daniel praying to God in a time of great crisis.

“Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber TOWARD JERUSALEM, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did a foretime.” (Daniel 6:10)

It is interesting to note that Prophet Daniel prayed TOWARD JERUSALEM. In the early days of Prophet Muhammad’s mission the faithful also prayed TOWARD JERUSALEM. However the Muslim direction of prayer changed. About sixteen months after Prophet Muhammad and his followers migrated from Makkah to the city of Madinah the direction was changed to facing the sacred House of God in Makkah.

Descriptions of the positions Muslims adopt in the five ritual prayers per day can be found throughout the Bible. Many are mentioned in the book of Psalms.

STANDin awe, and sin not.”(Psalms 4:4)

“O come, let us worship and BOW DOWN: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.” (Psalms 95:6)

“…all that go down to the dust shall BOW before him…” (Psalms 22:29)

And in the book of Kings we find Prophet Elijah casting himself upon the earth in the position of kneeling before touching the forehead to the ground.

“…and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees.” (1 Kings 18:42)

This is a position very familiar to Muslims. So too is the position Jesus adopts during prayer in a moment of fear and uncertainty.

“And he (Jesus) was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast, and KNEELED DOWN, and prayed.” (Luke 22:41)

Even though the Jews and Christians today do not pray as we read in the Bible, Muslims continue to pray in a similar way to the Prophets, as intended by the Creator of the heavens and the earth.


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In a Muslim Family

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 21:44

As a practicing Muslim, I had developed my faith early on with the hand of my parents constantly guiding me forward, Alhumdulillah, (all thanks and praises be to Allah). Though they worried, I do not think there was ever a fear that I may end up having an attraction towards other women. Of course, I don’t blame them. They grew up in an entirely different culture in a society with its own set of rules. No one can have the perfect parents and what my own have done for me can never be repaid.

So if you wonder whether I am bitter or resentful about not being able to reveal this part of myself to them, the answer is simply “Never”. And there is more than one reason for that. The first and most important being that I do not in any way desire to change, reform or reinterpret the Qur’an, hadith, or the consensus of well-learned Muslim scholars in any way. This is likely where the fork in the path is seen with the LGBT Muslim community. Most either somehow reconcile their faith with their way of life or leave Islam altogether. But there are also those who come to a realization that perhaps this is a test of faith.

I know what it is to look at the one you love with repressed feelings and unfulfilled desire. Yet, now that I have come down this path, I see that desire is not something I need to fulfill. I am perfectly content to show her my love, my care and support without kissing her on the mouth or lying with her in bed. Such superficial things are not worth risking my relationship with someone far more important. You see, if I ever find the need to share my sexuality with my parents and my family… it will not be because I want them to accept me. It will be for some purpose far greater than serving myself. Whether that moment will come or not is yet to be seen but one thing will never change: my love will always be for the sake of my Creator. There is no greater love nor anything that can overcome it. Not my desires, not hatred, not any amount of distance or even death.

I plan to share my story here in later posts. Perhaps it will bring someone a change of heart or some fresh perspective. Until then, take care.

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Źródła ukraińskiego wsparcia dla Państwa Islamskiego

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 21:36
Gdzie jest granica zła? Cześć I Michał Mazur     Nie będzie to artykuł o znikającym z ukra
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Dear #Christophobes @BrooseMiller & @HandmaidsOnHulu: The Nightmare is NOW...wherever #Islam rules.

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 21:26


You could actually call the writers and the production, “Christophobic”

Substitute an Islamic “call-to-prayer” for every tolling church-bell; a line from the Muslim-trifecta (Koran/Sunnah/Hadith) for every New Testament quote, and then I’d say Hulu has a winner with the cautionary- “The Handmaid’s Tale.” But as it stands? It’s a Hate+Hit piece which slanders all Christians, but particularly Protestants.

If only the creatives involved (and the sure-to-be-legions of fans) had an ounce of shame, they could wake up before this nightmare scenario comes true. They won’t, because they actually expect it to be Christians “stretching necks” and gouging out eyes and clitorises(sp?).

Saudi Arabia, the Feminists’ Paradise

I saw reference to some “women’s rights” thing and Saudi Arabia yesterday, but I thought it was (another) U.N. joke. Wrong.

The UN has announced that Saudi Arabia will be a part of the Commission on the Status of Women, the intergovernmental body dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. That’s right, Saudi Arabia.

The country so committed to women’s liberation that it ranks 141/144 for gender equality in the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Gender Gap report. That’s third place from the bottom. This may have something to do with the fact that women cannot drive and need permission from a male guardian to travel, work, marry, access healthcare and even leave prison. Hillel Neuer of UN Watch summed it up with the comment, “Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief”.

Read the rest HERE.

Here are two video that will quickly clue you in on Saudi Arabia – from the perspective of Sandra Solomon, a woman who grew up there. I just happened to “meet” up with her, twice in as many days, vis two of my favorite YT channels:

The Graphic that “inspired” my graphic

Saw it in the Twitter feed of the series’ Christophobe-writer, Bruce Miller.

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Christian Slaves, Moronic Masters

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 20:04

If some silly humans get their way, the Colston Hall in Bristol will be renamed. The excuse for this that the name, Colston, has ‘become toxic’ and because Colston was a slave-trader, the music venue needs a different name. Changing the name doesn’t benefit anyone, but it will give some single-issue merchants a rush of blood to the head for a few moments.

Changing the name doesn’t change the facts.

One of the defenders of this pointless excercise is David Olusoga. He says in the idea’s ‘defence’ that

‘Those who want to rename Colston Hall, like the students who want to topple Cecil Rhodes (not that I agree completely with them or their tactics), are campaigners for a fuller, more honest remembrance of history, not its erasure.’

That paragraph shows its typer simply doesn’t care. You do not get a ‘fuller, more honest remembrance of history’ by erasing the names of historical figures from public buildings.

In addition, you help nobody.

I promise you that, in removing the Colston name, no hungry children will be fed; no murderer will be caught; no teenage girl, trafficked from Eastern Europe and locked into sex-slavery, will be freed from her misery.

These campaigners are people without a grievance, looking to make themselves feel happier about their lives by claiming they did something good. They will have done nothing good. Nobody alive in Bristol suffered because of Colston’s business. Nobody alive in Bristol should apologise for the slave-trade because nobody alive in Bristol was responsible for the slave trade.

To campaign for the removal of the name is a form of narcissism, and I suspect these silly people are just a bit bored.

The musician, ‘Daddy G’ from ‘Massive Attack,’ was quite pleased with the name change. I have no idea why.

That ‘Massive Attack’ have for years ‘refused to play at Colston Hall’ is to fall for posing and gesture politics of the shallowest kind. If it were the case that ‘Massive Attack’ – upon learning of their city’s history – left the city in protest, refusing to spend their money here, or even enter the city because of it’s links with slavery, then I might believe they had principles. They are simply posing by picking an easy topic to decide to have principles about, one which causes them no inconvenience.

Muslim pirates enslaved white Europeans for centuries. As a white man, I managed to get the fuck over it about half a second after finding out about it.

Julius Caesar enslaved over a million white Europeans during his time in Gaul, helping to make Rome massively wealthy. I wonder if ‘Massive Attack’ has ever played a show in Rome?

Selective principlals are always fake principals.



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Muslims in Kidlit Friday: Update

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 19:38

Clearly I haven’t kept up with my goal of weekly posts on children’s books by or about Muslims. It’s been a busy spring for me: working, taking classes, studying for the GRE and getting ready for my wedding. Up until the last week or so I have still managed to fit in regular intervals of kidlit writing, but ultimately blogging wasn’t a priority.

Today, however, I saw this Bustle post, “11 Books By Muslim Women That Show The Many Facets Of Islam” and wanted to share it. None of them are picture books or middle grade, but teenagers will find titles to try on there, including some books that are specifically YA. I’ve read a few from the list before and I’m adding many of the others to my TBR shelf.

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Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Within Somali Community Spreads Through State

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 19:02

Any sane person who stayed informed on the actions of our past president, Hussein Obama, knows without a doubt that he is directly responsible for this situation. His determined agenda to fill this country with his Muslim brothers is obvious. Obama flooded America with so-called refugees who were not vetted or examined for disease. Now our citizens are paying the price and our children are in danger because of Obama, liberals, and their hate America policies. – Bude Lepsi

BREITBART NEWS – The recent measles outbreak in Minnesota is growing and has now apparently spread to another part of the state. [click the link below for the rest of the story]

Source: Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Within Somali Community Spreads Through State

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Moscow imam sentenced for 'justification of terrorism'

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 19:00

The 65-year-old Imam of the Moscow mosque “Yardyam” Mahmud Velitov was found guilty of ‘publically justifying terrorism’ and sentenced for three years in prison in a penal colony, according to the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia. The decision was declared by the Moscow District Military Court, TASS news agency said.

имам московской мечети «Ярдям» Махмуд Велитов

— Захар Май (@ZaxarBorisych) April 28, 2017

Velitov was convicted under Part 1 of Art. 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Public Justification of Terrorism”). According to investigators, on September 27, 2013, the chairman of the council and Imam Velitov uttered in the mosque during the prayer a public speech justifying the activities of one of the members of the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami.

As specifies radio “Freedom”, it was a question about Abdulla Gashaev. Imam’s lawyer Dagir Khasavov argued that the imam, while reading the prayer, did not know that Abdullah Gappaev was a in a terrorist organization.

Imam Velitov himself said that he did not justify the activities of the terrorist, but only recited a prayer for Gappaev’s repose. “He was a good man, I did not know that he was in an extremist organization,” – Velitov said.

On Friday, only the opening and decisive parts of the verdict were announced, and the motives that guided the court in its adoption, will be known later, reports “Interfax.”

Махмуд Велитов: Мёртвый человек не принадлежит никакой партии

— Роман Вдовиченко (@Vdovichenko1990) April 28, 2017

“Dead man does not belong to any (political) party” – said Imam Velitov.

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Austrian President calls on all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims to fight 'rampant Islamophobia'

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 18:55

While a nice sentiment it actually would do more good to ban hijabs than to encourage their use. It wasn’t until the rise of theocracies and decline of secular societies in West Asia that the hijab became a staple of Muslim women’s dress. The hijab for all intents and purposes is a symbol of patriarchal rule which last time I was told by the progressive left was the bane of women’s existence. People are against the symbolism of the hijab rather than Muslim women’s right to wear it. If all women had the right to choose to wear it or not then it wouldn’t be nearly the contested issue that it is. But at least they are willing to condemn the full niqab.

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To my dear self, Stop reliving your

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 18:17

To my dear self,

Stop reliving your past. Live in the present moment. Breathe. You’ll be okay. Embrace your new identity with pride. Allah has elevated you. Don’t rush things. Take it one day at a time. I have faith in you. I believe in you. And you’re lucky to have a family who loves you. Strive and be grateful.



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Muslim Woman From Somaliland Blasts 'Racist' UKIP At Chaotic Election Campaign Launch As Protesters Storm The Building

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 17:54
Railing against UKIP’s burqa ban as she was escorted out, the woman shouted: “They are r
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Grand Imam meets Pope, calls for "coexistence" and "dialogue"

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 17:45
In his remarks alongside Pope Francis at a peace conference held at Cairo’s Al-Azhar mosque, E
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Ukip under fire for choosing candidate who called Islam evil

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 17:42
Source: The Guardian Anne Marie Waters attends an ‘Islam kills women’ rally and protest in Westminst
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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Inauguration of the Spring Offensive ‘Operation Manṣūrī'” on April 28, 2017.

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 17:12

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

(قال الله تبارک و تعالی : إنهم لهم المنصورون، وإن جندنا لهم الغالبون. الصافات (۱۷۱ – ۱۷۲

Translation: “[That] indeed, they would be made triumphant (Mansuroon). And verily, our soldiers will be the victors.” (171-172:37).



Although over the course of the 15-year Jihad the foreign occupiers have suffered heavy casualties and a large number of the coalition have withdrawn from our lands yet under American leadership some unjust countries insist on the continued occupation of Afghanistan. They prioritize war over peace, increasing their troop numbers and dropping ever larger bombs on our territory. They employ numerous tactics and strategies in order to prolong the occupation and keep our faithful and independent nation under their vassalage. The Islamic Emirate therefore has determined that with the advantageous weather we once again launch our yearly spring offensive against the foreign forces and their internal allies named Operation Mansouri.


The fact that under the leadership of Shaheed Amir ul Mu’mineen Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour the Mujahideen gained various decisive victories, annihilated highway robbers and impious people, foiled various seditions and intrigues, leaped forward in the political and social arenas, humiliated various foreign powers compelling them to leave our land, and achieve copious other proud milestones, thus we supplicate to Allah Almighty that through the martyr’s blessed name – Operation Mansouri – the Almighty consecrate this Operation so that throughout its duration our sacred land is cleansed from the remaining foreign aggressors and other impious and corrupt elements.


With the help of Allah Almighty and the infinite sacrifices of our Mujahid nation the foreign forces have suffered a historic defeat having been forced to admit that the Mujahideen control more than half of Afghanistan. Hence, keeping the evolving situation in mind, this year’s Mansouri Operations will differ from previous ones in nature and will be conducted with a twin-tracked political and military approach.


In the political sphere:

In those areas that have been cleansed from the enemy and under the full control of the Mujahideen, particular attention will be paid to establishing mechanisms for social justice and development so that our people can live a secure and prosperous life.

In cleansed districts and areas state-building will earnestly proceed and institutions will be erected to secure the social, security, and legal rights of the citizens.

In all the conquered areas special dawah and propagation apparatus will be set up to help those deceived by the enemy see the truth of our struggle, relinquish their opposition and return back to their villages and their people.


In the military sphere:

In those areas where the Mujahideen do not have full control, the enemy will be targeted, harassed, killed, or captured until they are compelled to abandon their few remaining posts.

The main focus of Operation Mansouri will be on foreign forces, their military and intelligence infrastructure and in eliminating their internal mercenary apparatus.

These operations will involve conventional attacks, guerrilla warfare, complex martyrdom attacks, insider attacks, and use of IEDs to achieve their objectives. With the help of Allah Almighty.

During these operations the Mujahideen will be required to scrutinize their targets and places so as to minimize civilian casualties paying heed to the principles of necessity and proportionality.

In the spirit that the eighth of Saur has become a historic day in our annals against Warsaw Pact and the Red Army, so Operation Mansouri will also be launched on 8th Saur 1396 of the Solar Hijri calendar; corresponding with first of Sha’ban 1438 and 28th April 2017 in the Lunar Hijri and Gregorian calendars respectively; in all the nation’s provinces. They will be initiated at 5 am local time with the cries of Allah is Great, targeting the foreign forces and their bases. We request from civilians – in order to minimize collateral damage – that they avoid enemy bases and their military and intelligence personnel and to assist their Mujahideen brothers by all means possible.



Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

01/08/1438 Lunar Hijri 08/02/1396 Solar Hijri 28/04/2017 Gregorian


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The Odd One Out!

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 16:46

The one thing that baffles me with regards to the western world is our abhorrent hypocrisy. For a society that invests so much in its liberal and free-thinking values, we seem to have a soft spot for Islam, as a religion, which is neither. Take note as of late the troubling events in Sweden, England, and even Germany and you will soon realise that my worry for the future of Europe, and indeed its inherent values, is warranted. For years now, particularly mainstream media and lefties (is there a difference), have pushed this false narrative that the West and Islam can live in harmony with one another, branding Islam the “religion of peace” in a feeble attempt to mask the true intent and core of Islamic teachings…well, I can’t help but to call bullshit on that one.
From the 3rd April 2017 to 8th April 2017, there have been 23 murders and a further 64 injuries racked up in Europe at the hands of muslims (extremists or otherwise); and we seem content with it. St Petersburg, Russia – subway car blown up, killing 14 and injuring 49. Astrakhan, Russia – 2 men pertaining to be followers of Islam shoot dead 2 traffic cops. Malgobek, Russia – 2 muslim men stand on front of a police car, and proceed to shoot at the car with machine guns, killing both officers within the vehicle. Stockholm, Sweden – one of the more high profile incidents that was covered recently by mainstream media, even then they were reluctant to highlight the religious identity of the driver. Here, a muslim man steals a truck, whereby he drives down a commercialised street, killing 4 people and injuring 15. Paris, France – you guessed it, a muslim man praises Allah before throwing a 66 year old Jewish woman to her death from a balcony. The scary thing is that this has happened in the space of 1 week….! Not to mention the attacks on Westminster. For anyone who wishes to exclaim that Islam is a religion of peace can fuck right off.
From all that’s currently happening throughout mainland Europe, it raises the question whether Ireland should be concerned about the rise of Islam. After all, whatever happens in the UK, happens 30 years later in Ireland. All the more worrying when you see areas like Birmingham, known breeding ground for jihadists and terrorist-sympathizers due to the high concentration of muslims. The UK is slowly being diminished and its freedom compromised by the foreboding growth of this cancerous faith.
Don’t believe me? At the time of writing, the Mayor of London City is a Mr Sidiq Khan, a member of the Sunni branch of Islam. The man is nothing more than a token public figure, put into office to quell the already burgeoning tensions between native Londoners and the growing Muslim population. In such adverse times, the people of the western world need a person with a strong personality, a strong sense of morals and balls the size of watermelons; instead, London gets this sack of shit. Just to give a taste of Khan’s psyche, he feels that “terror attacks…are part and parcel of living in a big city”. Where’s the stoic resistance? The rousing assurance of safety and stability? Even a platitude of positivity? Nope, instead this spineless coward has basically told everyone around the world in any major city that “we know Islam is a militant and violent religion but pfft….what are we going to do about it”. If you have a figure like that, acting as the face for your city, there is not much hope at all!
In 2012, Muhammed was the most common name given to baby boys born in London (often gifted the name Londonistan due to its ‘diversity’); what’s more, there are over 1,750 mosques throughout the UK – offering service to over 3,000,000 Muslims. A cause for concern? Absolutely!

Since joining Europe in 1973, Ireland has largely been a solitary rock anchored at the corner of the continent, rarely feeling the effects of membership until some 20-odd years later. It wasn’t until around the mid to late 1990s that immigration became a ‘thing’ in Ireland; sure it’s still a novelty in some parts of the country today. Nowadays, immigration has become a major problem. This large, uncontrolled influx of foreign nationals is quite a daunting thought. Think about it – no background checks on most people coming into the country, mixing with the general populace. You don’t know their intentions, their history, what they might do? Such a thought is made all the more worrying when you add an ideology like Islam to the mix. Of course I don’t think EVERY single muslim is a terrorist, I admit it is wrong to paint every person of a certain demographic/group with the same brush. BUT….it seems to be a recurring theme within this certain religion. There are almost 500 million Buddhists in the world, yet seldom do I hear stories of terrorism spawning from its places of worship. There are over 1,000,000,000 Christians in the world – yet we have no recent memory of Christians in Europe/America killing muslims for coming to their country (people like to bring up Anders Breivik. So 1 nutjob Christian in 10 years. Well done!). There is something inherently wrong with Islam.
As you may or may not know, Ireland’s history has been incontrovertibly tainted by certain actions (or inactions) of Religion – in particular the Catholic Church. In the past 10-15 years, skeletons (both proverbial and literal) have been unearthed from the Church’s past. Scandals surrounding rampant paedophilia among priests throughout the mid to late 20th Century and beyond, the recent Tuam atrocity and not to mention the notorious Magdelene laundries – basically glorified workhouses for single-mothers, ‘promiscuous’ young women, unwanted children…nobody was truly exempt from these institutions. However the Catholic Church, as far as the Pope, has acknowledged their wrong doings and the terrible crimes that were committed under the name of their organisation. Anybody associated with the Catholic church in Ireland, in light of the release of these stories, were scorned by the public and media alike. From then on support for Catholicism (and religion in general) dramatically decreased around the country. Religion has since been treated as an irreverent topic, as opposed to 50 years ago where you would not dare speak ill of the establishment or you may be ostracised. Nowadays, it’s acceptable to be disrespectful to the Church. It’s almost a necessity for your average Irish millennial…..if you have a positive view of religion/spirituality then you will be constantly reminded of the Church’s shameful past which, as you can imagine, grows tiresome. You will be shamed into disassociating yourself from it and if you don’t, you will be berated as being a sympathiser. Young people in Ireland want nothing more than to see religion crumble and disappear from the Irish society (468,400 people declared themselves atheist/no religion in the latest census, which is a 73% increase since the 2011 census). Strangely enough, this ill-feeling towards religion disappears when it concerns Islam. You will see your average Irish leftie call for the disbandment of the Catholic Church yet in the same breath, ask his/her fellow countrymen to respect the religious beliefs of immigrants to the country i.e. muslims. Islam will soon be the new face of religious Ireland, and it won’t take long either. So what I want to know is why is there such a high tolerance among the younger population, for such an intolerant religion?
According to the 2016 census, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Ireland. It currently boasts 49,204 followers and counting. It is expected to reach 100,000 by the year 2020, based on current immigration trends, birth rates and domestic conversion. Ireland witnessed a 70% increase in the Muslim population in just 4 years (2002-2006), and these surging figures show no signs of slowing. To cope with the growing numbers, An Bord Pleanala granted planning permission in 2013 to build Clongriffin mosque (as well as a centre providing amenities, accommodation etc.) This mosque, taking up 6 acres, cost in the region of €40 million (partly funded by tax payer money yet most was footed by associated developers of the project.) Could you imagine the uproar if it was announced that a Catholic church was to be constructed at a cost of almost €50 million, as well as taking up almost half the size of the Aviva stadium? There would be anger, the public opinion would dissent on the decision and eventually protests would ensue. There is another sizeable Mosque located in Clonskeagh, Dublin. The most worrying thing about these centres for Islamic worship is the funding; The construction of the Clonskeagh mosque, also known as the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, was largely funded by the al-Maktoum foundation of Dubai. Furthermore, another mosquejust outside Togher, Co. Cork, is partly funded through donations from wealthy Muslims residing in the middle-east – €800,000 was given by a Qatari benefactor to go towards the cost of construction. This worries me. Here, we have an ideology rooted around paedophilia, misogyny, polygamy and injustice – and it’s being funded by the very countries that practice Sharia Law/strict Islamic teachings. What’s to say that Saudi money is not funding these mosques also? If the Muslim population continues to surge at the rate it is, these places of worship could prove to be hotspots for manipulation. To spread hatred and violence, to spread un-western ideals and values. And by that time, it will be too late to hinder the influence of the Muslim community. It’s a natural progression – the UK is already having problems trying to control the teachings of mosques around the country. Several mosques and their leading Imams, have called for the British government to provide a separate branch of courts to govern the application of Sharia Law amongst the Muslim community. Let me remind you, these are the laws that require for apostates to be sentenced to death if they decide to leave the religion or become non-muslim. And these ideals are not just held by ‘radical-muslims’; this is the norm amongst Islamic teachings. It’s barbaric, it’s backward and in my eyes, it has no place in modern western society.


Need someone to shout at online? We can be of service. Follow us.

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Peaceful Ohio Muslim Arrested for Terror Plot

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:32

Another tolerant American Muslim, Laith Waleed Alebbini, has been arrested for plotting to give aid to the Islamic State in Syria. The Dayton, Ohio resident was taken into custody by the FBI at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport on Wednesday as he attempted to board a flight to the Middle East.

The reaction of local Islamic leader Abdul Shahid was to say that his religion does not advocate any violence:

It has absolutely no room for any coercion, violence, or any type of killing.

He added:

It stands for nothing but peace, and that is what we believe in.

Just keep spinning.


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Children must be taught about Islam, insists Church of England

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:30
From Parents who have concerns about their children being taught about Islam should be banne
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Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:13

Islam is a wretched and oppressive ideology. Civilized people know this. Well, now we are seeing the Austrian President suggest ALL WOMEN should wear a head scarf to stand in support of this wicked ideology!

Another strange twist, as our Bibles are being nefariously rewritten, check out this changed verse:

“Austria’s President has revealed a controversial plan to fight Islamophobic sentiments. Alexander Van der Bellen is suggesting that EVERY woman should wear a head-scarf – in a show of support to Muslim women” (SOURCE: RT)


Indeed, our Bibles are changing quickly, as they redefine Christianity, preparing for the antichrist and one world religion.
Are you awake yet, Bride of Christ? We are in the end game, and Bible prophecy is unfolding quickly.
Get your spiritual life in order TODAY by asking JESUS CHRIST to be your LORD and SAVIOR. JESUS is the One True God, the Word of God, the Messiah, the Savior of the World.

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Sun goes down in Istanbul

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 11:08
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The North needs Sanusi’s activism

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 10:27

By Rafiq Raji, PhD

In northern Nigeria, educating the girl-child beyond high school is frowned at. Even amongst the educated elite. Main reason? The more educated a girl-child is, the less likely she would find male suitors on time, goes the flawed conventional and chauvinistic wisdom. The oft-cited fear is that should a girl-child be allowed to become too highly educated and exposed, she is not likely to be submissive to her future husband. To this day, this view is pervasive. To cover their shame, some fathers deploy a trick if the daughter proves to be headstrong than usual: they convince her that once in her husband’s house, she can continue her education. Of course, once she gets there, the husband promptly puts her in the family way. Ironically, so-called pious northern Muslims who refuse to allow their female wards attain the heights of their dreams also bristle at the thought that male doctors might inevitably examine their wives and daughters when faced with one medical complication or the other. Well, if there are not enough female doctors, who else would do the job?

Hypocrisy runs deep
To be clear, the acquisition of knowledge is a fundamental requirement in Islam, irrespective of gender. So unlike the popular perception, the illiteracy and related poverty problems in northern Nigeria have nothing to do with Islam. They are cultural. That things have remained unchanged for so long is fundamentally due to patriarchy and resistance by the beneficiaries who despair at their potential enervation should females be empowered. Funnily enough, often is the case that northern males who are quick to show off in public how they exert control over their wives, are usually the ones most often under their thumbs; the so-called “mijin hajiyas”, a derisive term for husbands unduly influenced by their spouses. Incidentally, the mostly affluent northern elite who are quick to advertise their piety when their less endowed brethren are the subject matter, not only allow their wives many freedoms but also educate their daughters in the best schools. Curiously, they also do not hesitate to marry their daughters off to similarly rich males irrespective of their ethnicity insofar as they are Muslims. Their ethnic and religious bigotry is especially reserved for lesser beings it seems.

Thus, to have taken on so boldy the issue of female gender rights, Muhammad Sanusi II, Emir of Kano, is bound to offend many. Emir Sanusi, who by virtue of his position is the second highest Islamic authority in Nigeria, has always been a rebel of sorts. Former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, cannot soon forget the grief Mr Sanusi caused him when as governor of the central bank, he blew the whistle on huge sums of crude oil sale proceeds unaccounted for. Unsurprisingly, those opposed to his accession to the emirship some three years ago worried he would not be able to keep quiet for long: by tradition, a royal is supposed to say little, and even when he does, it is preferably that he does so in such low tones that someone is assigned to repeat his words loudly. To their chagrin and hopefully to the benefit of his people, they were right. Still, it is probably unwise of him to have shown his hands so publicly this early in his reign. His real and much harder task would be to win the hearts and minds of the exceptionally conservative northern Islamic establishment he is an essential part of and which incidentally, he also leads.

Gently does it
Mr Sanusi must now reflect and decide on a strategy. His increasingly loud activism suggests he is probably a little frustrated already: He has no formal authority. Those fiery speeches of his, with their biting statistics and all, can only do so much. Yes, they have begun to touch a few nerves here and there. And then what? Besides, even as Mr Sanusi tries to espouse a certain anti-elitist intellectualism, he is the quintessential epitome of privilege. To be fair, Mr Sanusi has never suggested that he is “of the people.” But if he hopes to succeed at “being for the people”, the northern politicians – who ordinarily defer to royalty and who it happens are also the ones with the power to transform his activism into concrete reforms – currently at the receiving end of his fervent rhetoric are also the ones he has to win over. Mr Sanusi’s predecessors were able to influence them by guarding their tongues so that when they spoke, they listened. Mr Sanusi must drink from their cup of wisdom.

Dr Rafiq Raji is a writer and researcher based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Published as “Is Emir Sanusi’s brand of activism the way to go?” by Premium Times Nigeria on 24 April 2017. See link viz.

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