Women in Islam : Culture of Abaya 

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“Abaya. A woman in abaya in Islam is often considered to be the epitome of pure radiance, power and dignity. People often think that if a woman chooses to wear an abaya over a dress that shows her body then she is somehow oppressed in Islam. It’s not true, infact if a woman chooses the abaya over a dress that flatters her body, it means that she is maybe trying to dwell more closer to her lord and more closer to her religion. Abaya is beautiful. Islam is beautiful. People don’t realise that a woman in an abaya or a headscarf can be far more open minded, tolerant, have a heart of gold filled with love and admiration for others and liberal as well in her own ways that follows the religion instead. I’ve gone through many ups and downs in life and I’ve removed my hijab many times but this is the most peaceful I ever feel. When I’m closer to my lord.” 

Women in Islam are beautiful.

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Wazifa For Crying Baby, Bacha Rota, Khana Nai Khaata, Doodh Nai Pita

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Wazifa For Crying Baby, Bacha Rota, Khana Nai Khaata, Doodh Nai Pita

Wazifa for Crying Baby, Bacha Rota, Khana Nai Khaata, Doodh Nai Pita”,Ager Bacha Bohut Rota Ho Ya Khana Na Khaata Ho Yaa Doodh Na Pita Ho To Thora Sa Pani Ya Doodh Glass Mei Le Ker Isha Ki Namaz K Baad 101 Martaba Ise Parhkar Pilade.




On the off chance that your kid cries a great deal or don’t drink milk, take some water in the glass and after isha salat discuss the accompanying dua 101 times and blow on water and let your kid drink it,


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  The Path. What is Shari’ah? As recent politics has put Islam and Islamic Shari’ah into
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The Sunnah

Islam - 2 hours 36 min ago
  Concepts. What is Sunnah? Among all Muslims worldwide these concepts are agreed upon. Althoug
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The Hadith

Islam - 2 hours 44 min ago
  Secondary (or supplemental) books. What are hadith? Similar to Judaism which has a core book
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Islam is a 3 Dimensional Religion

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  Mainstream core doctrine. Islam is a 3 Dimensional Religion Islam means to “surrender ones wi
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Things Are Not Always Black and White in Some Issues

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A scholar of the past was passing by some Mongols and they were drinking alcohol. He didn’t say anything to them! So, his companions asked him about this and he replied that this drinking alcohol is haraam but it is busying them from harming the Muslims!

Things are not clear cut in many things and require people with knowledge and wisdom to talk about these issues and not just anyone who sees Verses of the Qur’an and just interpret it themselves.

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To Bow Before You

Islam - 3 hours 20 min ago

I fall from the curves
of my being to bow before You
who encompasses the sun,
the stars and the moon…

(Poem excerpt from Nocturnal Light)

© 2003 Aïda Touré

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This Tender, Divine Music!

Islam - 3 hours 31 min ago

Now please,
welcome more companions
in this reunion; we’ll be
a choir to the Presence
who sheds this tender,
divine music!

(Poem excerpt from Nocturnal Light)

© 2003 Aïda Touré

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The Qur'an

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  Core Book. What is the Qur’an? Al-Qur’an – Literally translates to English as “The Revelation
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No Prophet Ever Called People to Worship him or to associate partners with Allah

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It is not for a human [prophet] that Allah should give him the Scripture and authority and prophethood and then he would say to the people,“Be servants to me rather than Allah,” but [instead, he would say], “Be pious scholars of the Lord because of what you have taught of the Scripture and because of what you have studied.” Nor could he order you to take the angels and prophets as lords. Would he order you to disbelief after you had been Muslims? [Quran 3:79-80]

This verse basically describes the infallibility of the Prophets of Allah. It says that a person on whom Allah invests with the Book,Wisdom and the power of making decisions, and places him on the great station of Prophethood is always faithful to his mission when he communicates the divine message to people and calls on them to become Allah’s humble and faithful servants. Being a Prophet of God it doesn’t befits him or rather he can not move people away from the worshipping of only one God and starts asking them to become his own worshippers or the worshippers of some other creatures.Therefore it is not for a person whom Allah has given the Book, knowledge in the Law and Prophethood to proclaim to the people, “Worship me instead of Allah,” meaning, along with Allah.

In this verse there is a necessary refutation of the Christians who claim that it was Jesus Christ who asked them to have belief in his sonship and godhead. Jesus Christ being a prophet simply can’t ask people to worship Him or a Spook or a Ghost.This criticism also refers to the ignorant rabbis, priests and teachers of misguidance, unlike the Messengers and their sincere knowledgeable followers who implement their knowledge; for they only command what Allah commands them, as their honorable Messengers conveyed to them. They also forbid what Allah forbade for them, by the words of His honorable Messengers. We also know from Qur’an that Allah has sent Prophets every time commanding to worship Him(Allah) alone and avoid false deities.As we read in the Qur’an:

And We sent not before you any messenger except that We revealed to him that, “There is no deity except Me, so worship Me.” [Qur’an 21:25]

And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], “Worship Allah and avoid Taghut…”[Qur’an 16:36]

And ask those We sent before you of Our messengers; have We made besides the Most Merciful deities to be worshipped? [Qur’an 43:45]

Allah has also warned that if anybody claims that He is the God besides him then he will be thrown to the hellfire. As we read in Qur’an:

And whoever of them should say, “Indeed, I am a god besides Him”- that one We would recompense with Hell. Thus do We recompense the wrongdoers.[Qur’an 21:29]

So, Jesus Christ being the Prophet of Allah can never ever claim that he is God or Son of God and Holy Ghost is also the Godhead. The Messengers, may Allah’s peace and blessings be on all of them, are the emissaries between Allah and His creation, conveying Allah’s Message and Trust.The Prophet does not command worshipping other than Allah, whether a sent Messenger or an angel. He would not do that, for whoever calls to worshipping other than Allah, will have called to Kufr. The Prophets only call to Iman which commands worshipping Allah Alone without partners.

So the belief of the Christians who believe that Jesus is the Son of God and also one of the Godhead in Trinity, and also Holy Ghost is also a godhead is thoroughly refuted by the above two ayaats of The Holy Qur’an. Also Allah mentions in the Qur’an that He is the only deity, and that He has no partners or equals. He is Allah, the One and Only, the Sustainer, and there is no deity worthy of worship except Him. He is the Most Gracious ـ Ar-Rahman, the Most Merciful ـ Ar-Rahim. As we read in Qur’an:

And your god is one God. There is no deity [worthy of worship] except Him, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.[Qur’an 2:163]

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Reflections on the London Terrorist Attack

Islam - 4 hours 36 min ago

London has been rocked by a terrorist incident that took place close to the Palace of Westminster. The Metropolitan Police have closed the roads surrounding of the Palace and are treating the situation as the scene of two terrorist incidents. The House of Commons was sitting at the time and Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle suspended the session and […]

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Reflections on the London Terrorist Attack

Islam - 4 hours 52 min ago

London has been rocked by a terrorist incident that took place close to the Palace of Westminster. The Metropolitan Police have closed the roads surrounding of the Palace and are treating the situation as the scene of two terrorist incidents. The House of Commons was sitting at the time and Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle suspended the session and […]

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London attack

Islam - 5 hours 5 min ago

A very sobering photo essay by Colin Liddell on the latest terror attack in London.

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New movie reveals the Left's dirty little secret

Islam - 5 hours 28 min ago

I had two stories picked out to comment about today. First, I would have slammed the Western Environmental Law Center’s victory in an Oregon court that has put the brakes on logging in the Umpqua National Forest.

Then I would have berated environmentalists for their scolding General Mills for the company’s efforts to revive the bee population and why the campaign to Save the Bees is nonsense.

In light of the tragic terror attack that occurred in London, England today, I think it is necessary to dedicate another post to criticizing the Left. Like I have pointed out before, the Left is an anti-Enlightenment, totalitarian movement whose founding father was Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The fullest expression of the Left’s philosophy is Karl Marx in which France’s Reign of Terror and the death and destruction under Communism is the trade off the Left makes in order to achieve the utopia they seek to achieve. The environmentalist movement and its embracing Islam is also an extension of the Left’s campaign to reign terror on mankind as well.

I have just learned of a movie named The Hidden Rebellion that was released late last year that reveals a little known bloodbath that, most likely, inspired the terror, violence and death when Communism dominated almost half the world for most of the twentieth century. France’s Reign of Terror was the result of Jacobin radicals seizing power in 1793 resulting from the dissolution of the French Republic. The dictatorial Committee on Public Safety was formed and was pitched as a means to bring order to France that was experiencing domestic strife.

A year prior, the Jacobins had been laying the groundwork for their power grab with their establishing the Paris Commune. Within months of the Committee’s founding the slaughter began. Aristocrats, clergy, political opponents and anyone deemed a threat to the public order was either jailed or executed depending on their offense. The state would also attempt to exterminate people deemed impure too (Hitler would be so proud):

Like most Europeans at the time, Vendéans were largely uneducated and relatively apolitical, but when the ‘Republican’ (read ‘revolutionary’) government of France began to engage in acts of violence against their local clergy and to conscript men from this peaceful community into its ideological wars, the community began to rise up in defense of localism and liberty. In response, Paris labeled Vendéans to be an “impure race” and “slaves” and gave military commanders a mandate to exterminate them. Not just peasant soldiers, or even young men, but all Vendéans, including women, the elderly, and children. In all, they managed to exterminate 200,000 out of an estimated population of 600,000… a higher proportion than Pol Pot’s Cambodian Genocide.

The Hidden Rebellion documents the genocidal nature of this mass extermination with reference to numerous primary source documents which explicitly reveal the attempt to liquidate an entire people, their culture and their ethnicity. Acts of gratuitous cruelty, such as stripping priests and nuns naked, tying them together and throwing them into the Loire river are described and (delicately) reenacted. Such act was called “Civic Wedding.”

The reason why the French Revolution failed was that their definition of individual rights was expressed and interpreted in collectivist terms. The French and most of Europe have little sense of what individualism is and (to this day) individualism is a concept that is not entirely embraced by Europe. This explains why Communism and Nazism were founded and practiced there. It also partially explains why Europe has been so accommodating to Islamics, political correctness has taken hold on the continent and hatred of Jews has made a comeback.

It is said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, this is ringing true and until and unless Europe regains its sense of self, sadly, more terrorist attacks not only will occur but the Left’s moral relativism and extreme skepticism will maintain its grip on the continent’s political and educational systems. If things do not change soon, Europe may not only be Islamized but experience violence and death on a scale that will dwarf the horrors seen when Eastern Europe was under Communism’s grip.

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“Membincang Gerakan Dakwah Islamiyah”

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Banyak hal perlu kita lakukan untuk menjadi kader ulul albab, kader yang selalu berdzikir, berfikir dan ber-amal sholeh. Untuk menjadi kader ulul albab tentunya tidak bisa diperoleh dengan diam/bengong, apalagi memperbanyak barisan orang malas dan tidur-tiduran. Kader ulul albab inilah yang kemudian dituntut untuk menumbuhkan critical sensitivity – sensifitas kritis. Kritis akan segala hal yang mengganggu ke-Indonesia-an dan ke-Islam-an kita dalam berbangsa dan bernegara.

Sensifitas kritis inilah yang akan menjadikan transformasi sosial menuju perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik. Menuju penemuan akan nilai ke-Indonesia-an dan ke-Islaman sejati. Sehingga dibutuhkan gerakan kongkrit dalam menjaga dan memelihara nilai dasar pergerakan. Salah satunya adalah membangun kepedulian akan gerakan dakwah islamiyah akhir ini.

Berbicara mengenai aktivitas dakwah islamiyah di sekitar kita masih menjadi hal yang menarik, mengingat banyaknya aktivitas dakwah islamiyah yang jauh dari ajaran islam itu sendiri. Memang jika kita lihat, aktivitas dakwah ini sangat masif tumbuh dan berkembang di surau, musholla dan masjid. Selain tumbuh dan berkembang secara konvensional, dakwah islamiyah juga berkembang sangat cepat di media online – di era kontemporer ini.

Pertumbuhan dan perkembangan dakwah yang mulai menjamur di masyarakat kita, apakah sudah mencerminkan nilai ke-islam-an itu sendiri? Nilai luhur yang diajarkan agama damai, selamat dan sejahtera itu. Hal itu patut untuk menjadi wacana kritis bagi segenap insan pergerakan. Sehingga, semangat untuk membawa agama rahmat bagi sekalian alam bisa terealisasikan ke segala penjuru.

Dakwah Islam

Secara bahasa, dakwah memiliki arti memanggil, mengajak atau menggerakkan. Sedangkan secara istilah, dakwah bisa diartikan sebagai aktivitas untuk memanggil, mengajak atau menggerakkan setiap orang untuk melakukan kebaikan dalam melaksanakan tradisi ke-islam-an. Tradisi beragama secara waras agar semua manusia sadar akan posisinya sebagai makhluk abdi dan khalifah.

Terminologi dakwah telah digunakan dalam peradaban islam, sejak zaman nabi hingga saat ini. Dakwah menjadi istilah populer dalam ajakan-ajakan beragama, ajakan untuk menebarkan ajaran islam secara ritual maupun sosial. Ajaran dakwah ini telah diformulasikan secara apik sejak zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Nabi Muhammad SAW dalam peradaban islam telah melakukan dua model  ajaran dakwah dalam dua periode – ajaran dakwah dengan sembunyi-sembunyi (sebelum hijrah) dan terang-terangan (setelah hijrah). Tentu dua metode dakwah yang dilakukan nabi ini bukan tanpa alasan. Nabi telah melakukan dua metode dakwah yang ideal dan masif agar mudah diterima oleh penduduk Arab (Mekah-Madinah).

Dakwah yang dilakukan Nabi ini merupakan dakwah di abad permulaan islam. Tentu sebagai agama baru di Arab, pasti banyak tekanan dari penganut kepercayaan lain. Kitab peradaban islam banyak menceritakan hal itu, sebagaimana bukti adanya musuh nabi yang nyata seperti Abu Jahal dan Abu Lahab – nama yang telah diabadikan dalam Al Qur’an sebagai manusia yang memiliki watak iblis.

Sebagaimana yang dilakukan Nabi, dakwah islam di Indonesia pun hadir penuh tantangan yang luar biasa. Banyak jalur penyebaran islam ke Indonesia. Diantaranya adalah jalur perdagangan, sejak zaman perdagangan Arab-Nusantara islam sudah masuk – akan tetapi dakwah yang dilakukan pedagang Arab kurang masif. Sehingga pada awal abad 14, tumbuh dan berkembang keturunan Arab yang datang ke Indonesia, memiliki peranakan yang sholeh dan selanjutnya mereka dikenal oleh masyarakat sebagai wali – sebagai orang yang dikasihi/disayangi dan diberi mandat untuk melakukan dakwah islamiyah. Kalau di pulau jawa dikenal dengan sebutan wali songo. Sejak itulah dakwah islamiyah tumbuh dan berkembang di Indonesia.

Dakwah islamiyah yang terjadi pada fase wali songo berjalan masif dan damai. Wali songo menggunakan metode dakwah partisipatoris-akulturatif. Metode dakwah dengan pendekatan masyarakat secara intensif dengan materi peleburan budaya lokal dengan nilai agama – seperti intenalisasi nilai spiritualitas ke-islam-an dalam wayang, tembang hingga kidung-kidung. Sehingga, islam dapat diterima dengan baik oleh masyarakat Indonesia.

Pertanyaannya saat ini, apakah model dakwah islam di Indonesia di era media-informasi ini memiliki metode serijit itu? Atau bahkan belum ada metode ideal dalam penyebaran/ dakwah islam kontemporer yang pas atau ideal. Jika belum ada, metode apa yang dikembangkan dakwah islamiyah – yang tumbuh subur di masjid kampung, kampus dan perkotaan? Pertanyaan ini perlu dipecahkan dengan telaah mendalam.

Gerakan Dakwah di Malang

Malang yang terkenal dengan kota pendidikan, kota yang memiliki banyak kampus menjadi santapan empuk bagi gerakan apa saja – gerakan ke-islam-an misalnya. Malang sering terlelap dan lalai dalam menjaga ke-Indonesia-an yang harmoni dengan kebhinekaan. Mungkin karena Malang yang dingin sangat tepat untuk membekukan otak agar berhenti berfikir dan membekukan sendi-sendi tubuh agar tak ada gerakan dakwah islam yang rahmat. Sehingga, gerakan islam banyak tumbuh dan berkembang di kota ini tanpa filter dan pantauan pemerintah.

Sangat disayangkan jika gerakan dakwah islamiyah di kota pendidikan tanpa ada filter, atau antisipasi apapun. Jika demikian, di mana wajah pendidikan di kota Malang itu? Ataukah “Pendidikan” hanya menjadi brand yang selalu diagungkan. Sehingga tidak perlu lagi ada dialog dan aksi untuk menjaga Indonesia dari fundamentalisme agama. Di mana kah mereka kaum terpelajar, kaum pergerakan dan kaum islam Indonesia?

Penulis pernah menjumpai banyak gerakan dakwah yang ahistoris dan ekstrim kanan. Di antaranya di sebuah masjid sekitar UM dan di sebuah even buku bulanan di sekitar balai kota. Tidak hanya itu, di kampus islam pun masih sering terjadi ajakan dakwah islamiyah – yang menyeru khilafah islamiyah.

Sudah menjadi kegelisahan bagi penulis khususnya. Akankah gerakan dakwah semacam itu tetap kita biarkan. Padahal kita ketahui bersama, merekalah yang telah mengganggu ke-Indonesi-an kita. Banyak dari mereka kurang memahami sejarah – atau tidak mengetahui sama sekali.

Kaum terpelajar yang memiliki rasa nasionalisme dan pemahaman islam Indonesia haruslah bersatu padu melawan bahaya laten dakwah islamiyah berbau radikalisasi-fundamental. Mengajak semuanya untuk membaca gerakan dakwah islamiyah dengan baik, apakah dakwah itu benar-benar mengajak kebaikan atau malah menghancurleburkan kehidupan berbangsa kita. Sehingga, perlu ada perhatian khusus gerak-gerik dakwah islamiyah yang ada di Indonesia, khususnya kota Malang.

Malang, 23 Maret 2017





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Reflections on the London Terrorist Attack

Islam - 5 hours 51 min ago

London has been rocked by a terrorist incident that took place close to the Palace of Westminster. The Metropolitan Police have closed the roads surrounding of the Palace and are treating the situation as the scene of two terrorist incidents. The House of Commons was sitting at the time and Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle suspended the session and […]

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আদিত্যনাথকে কটূক্তির অভিযোগে তিন মুসলিম

Islam - 6 hours 23 min ago
আদিত্যনাথকে কটূক্তির অভিযোগে তিন মুসলিম গ্রেপ্তার মুসলিমদের নিয়ে বক্তব্য দিয়ে বিভিন্ন সময়ে আলোচিত
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Reflections on the London Terrorist Attack

Islam - 6 hours 49 min ago

London has been rocked by a terrorist incident that took place close to the Palace of Westminster. The Metropolitan Police have closed the roads surrounding of the Palace and are treating the situation as the scene of two terrorist incidents. The House of Commons was sitting at the time and Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle suspended the session and […]

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Islam - 7 hours 13 min ago

Wednesday.   Time to look again at the “hump”  we have to get over.

As of Wednesday night,  we still don’t know the identity of the man who killed the four people in London today, seriously injuring more than a dozen more. But we often read that a terrorist  attacker had become a “devout Moslem.”

Devout means . . .  well,  here’s the dictionary definition:

devout  (adjective) :  loyal to something : devoted to a particular belief, organization, person,religion, etc;       : serious and sincere

We tend to want to know Who, What, Where, and When in a news article.   We’re a little blurry about the Why.

What happened.  Where did it happen.   Who did it.   When did it happen.    That’s all we have time for.

“Why”  kind of taxes our time and our mental energy.   Motivation and all that.

“loyal to something”  —   To what?     Who cares;  I can kind of figure it out.

All those people;  “serious and sincere,” the definition says:

“devoted to a particular belief” 

“devoted to a particular religion” 


” . .  .  a particular   organization,  person,  religion . . .

Yes,  they sure are.

“Devoted”  is only an adjective.  We need to know the noun it refers to.   We in the Western World better find out the details about their particular  organization, person,  religion, or belief,  or we’re going to get blindsided by their devotion.

I think it takes interest, though;  and energy;   and effort to learn;  and time to study and think about it.

And it requires us to be  equally devoted to a different organization,  Person,  religion,  and belief.   I’m afraid this “hump”  that lies before us will be surmounted only  by the side who is the most certain, the most faithful, the most devoted to their cause.

And the most aware of what’s going on.





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